Sunday, March 7, 2010

All hands on Deck!!

tHi, well its time to get the deck happening. After some careful planning and measurements, the string lines were set as a guide, then a visit to the local hardware store, i decided to use 400mm galvanised stirrups for support, of which around 300mm was embedded in a 300x300x300 concrete footing.

Once i had the feet set, it was back to the hardware store for some timber. I decided i would use treated pine for this project. The main bearers are 100mm x100mm, bolted straight onto the set stirrups(which i did a week later)

Once the mains were in place, i then ran 70mm x 45mm rails across the bearers, fixing them with triple grip brackets to take the 90mm x 22mm decking boards, These decking boards are fluted on one side, i decided (right or wrong) to have the flutes on top, looks much better i think.

After braving the elements(it was quite cold and windy that day) i managed to secure the decking boards using galvanised decking nails (pre drilling before nailing).Once all the top boards were in place, i filled in the sides
As you can see i have built the deck with a cut off corner, this was to allow room for the next stage...The fish pond...thanks for looking, happy days!!!!!!!!


Lynn said...

Another great job from Master the shape of the deck very unusual :)

venugopal said...

Your message is fun- luving & inspiring!!! Ur site rocks the house!!! Treated Pine Decking