Sunday, March 14, 2010

Under cover!

After a bit of a break, it was time to get the pergola up. This is a daunting task on your own and i highly recommend you have a second pair of hands to help. Lynn helped in any way she could (to which i am most grateful). Firstly the 90mm x 90mm treated pine posts were set in concrete and bolted into the deck. Then the fun part (not, lol) how to attach the head board to the house (this is where lynn saved the day) I attached the board through the metal facsia into the truss ends, location was done by gently lifting the roof tiles and marking the truss ends onto the wall. The board is 190mm x 35mm x 6.0 mtrs long, so it wasn't an easy thing to do alone(thanks again lynnie) The self tapping coach screws are 150mm long and were secured with an allen head socket. I could go through all the details of levels and heights but i would be here forever, string line and a good string level were most important.

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Brendan said...

hey col ur pagolas not level it leans to one side lol jokes good job