Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hi, been awhile since i have posted anything, but cant do much if the winter weather isnt, here i was thinking about the weather and decided to get a wireless weather station so i can get an idea what would be in store.I purchased one on ebay for around $115 AU and when it arrived, eagerly set about installing it. A few things i had to consider before installation, some height was needed, it only comes with a 700mm pole so it was either on the pagola roof or another pole in the ground. But i decided to incorporate it into my existing wishing well, the height was ok, plenty of open space for the rain gauge, the only problem was the temperature gauge which is recommended to be shielded or in shade for correct temp reading. Well i had the shade under the roof of the well, so thats where i fitted the temp and air pressure gauge.The information unit which is inside the house, displays all the information needed for any would be weather buff. It really is an amazing little set up...wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air pressure, inside temp, outside temp, inside and outside humidity, weather tendency feature looks ahead on all gathered info and displays the weather tendency for the next 24 hours or so. The unit is also capable for computer connection to store and compare weather stats collected and also has the time and date! 4 AA batteries ( 2 in outside unit  2 inside) run the wireless side of worries about running wires everywhere, just a few simple connections on the outdoor unit on setup and thats it. The inside unit is touch screen for easy setup, of which most are already set.

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Lynn said...

Love our weather station because it is so acurate..xx Love you :)