Friday, July 30, 2010

Tanks a lot

Hi everyone, well finally got my water tank, a 2030 litre, colour matches my house trim, also an ALKO water pump for around $1000 AU...(all up)   Can't wait to get it hooked up and start storing some H20 for summer. Primary use of this tank will be to keep the fish pond topped up during the hot summer months, and also to give the garden a water too....Preparation of the install site was done a little differently than the norm...firstly i excavated the depth to about 250mm...layed a 100mm thick  layer of crushed rock and compacted well, then carefully levelled the area for the bricks i used to bring it to ground level...i  have a heap of these bricks to use up, so i thought why not?  Time will tell if it was a bad decision or not, but i think it will be ok...will put up further posts when i get to the fun bit...playing with pipes, cheers

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Lynn said...

well done honey :) xxxxx