Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Final Frontier!

Hello, now that the tank is in and hooked up, time to do something about the front yard. Although only small, i wanted lots of curves in my garden beds. Firstly i needed a good solid border, i decided on treated pine sleepers. Just dig a trench, levelling all the way,back fill, then joining with gang nails ( lucky the ground was nice and soft) :)  Next i wanted something i could shape into curves for the internal garden edging, after a lot of searching, i found what i wanted at the local hardware store. Galanised steel edging with a  ripple effect was perfect for what i had in mind. Installation was easy, dig a trench , level with a rubber mallet, then backfill, no pegs needed!  They came in 6 metre lengths, and about 150 mm high, the top and bottom edges  are folded so nothing sharp to catch on. Joining was easy, overlap by about 100mm, then a few pop rivets to hold together.     Off to the local nursery for some plants!  To top off the beds i wanted woodchips, a red colour was chosen, i have these in the rear garden as well, and they do a great job and look good too. I mulched a depth of roughly 75mm. No weed mats or plastic was placed down before mulching, i just dont like it, and the mulch can break down naturally and do all that organic stuff to the soil! I dont mind weeding anyway :)     Will post more when i get some pics of the completed project..till then...stay happy :)          

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Lynn said...

the garden looks lovely infact it's the nicest front yard on the block :)
Lynn xxx