Sunday, December 5, 2010

Backyard and fishpond

Hello all, thought i would let you know what i have been up to. The garden going well, especially the ferns which look fantastic. Since i last posted, i have put laser lite on the pergola roof, set up the guttering and downpipe (PVC) so when its rains the water from the pergola roof is sent to the pond. This is working very well, the pond gets a good flush out with natural rainwater, the pond cannot overflow as i have an outlet which when reached flows excess water to the stormwater pipe. The water tank is all hooked up and plumbed ready for use on the garden and to top up the pond in the warm months ahead. To my surprise the fish have spawned twice recently, a good indication they are pretty happy.I must say it is now the one thing i look forward to most after a day at work, just to sit out on the pergola amongst nature and relax...till next time, stay happy :) P.S. I composed, performed and recorded the music on this clip with my MR8 recording studio :)

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Rae said... the video, and the music. It makes me feel like I am there visit in the garden. Great job!