Saturday, October 1, 2011

Building the pond

Hi, well finally started building my fishpond with waterfall. Bought a pond kit which had 6m x 3m liner, bio filter and pond pump. Once i decided where the pond should go, it was digging time! I marked out the shape with line marking paint, this made things a lot easier. I decided on a depth of around 400mm at the waterfall end and around 350mm at the other. Nothing really fancy about this pond, pretty basic, but was still hard work! Pond around 2.5 mtrs long x about 1.5 mtrs wide, this allowed plenty of overhang for the liner.
It was very important to make sure all levels were correct and to allow for any fall in the land to ensure that the water level would be even with the pond edges. String lines and a level were very useful! The ground wasnt too bad to dig, fairly soft.
I also began forming work for the waterfall using bricks as a base. A header pond will be created to allow a more even flow for the falls. The liner will be put over this and fitted accordingly.Well this is the  first stage post, more to follow soon...stay happy :)

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