Monday, October 3, 2011

Pond update....stage 3

Hi, now that the pond was ready for filling, all i needed was some rain to fill my tank....and rain it did. The tank was full in no time and overflowing, on with the raincoat, and released the tank water into the pond. In a few short hours it was full...and the tank still filling...had a bucket load of rain that day. Once the weather cleared it was time to secure the liner edge with rocks and also make some minor adjustments to the ground work and waterfall. When setting up the falls, i didnt want a roaring when i set up the header pond, some of the water would return to the pond behind the rocks and the rest would run a pleasant trickle over the fall rocks. This worked out very well. A few plants were added (more to come) and quartz stone added as a border and also to secure and hide any gaps.The electrical side of things was now completed and the pump and bio filter were doing their job,some lights were also added beneath the walkover.
Click on photos for a larger view.This is the stage im at right now....will get some fish shortly, some water plants on the way.....a bit more landscaping and the job will be more when completed...stay happy :)


Lynn said...


Astrid said...

Ohhh Wow this great, well done.
Hugs Astrid

Gale said...

Oh my, this is spectacular! What a wonderful addition to your new yard! It is going to be amazing when the koi are added.
I have a friend with a koi pond. She put a ships bell on a tree near it and would ring it before feeding them each time. It only took a couple of weeks and they would come to the top of the pond and "kiss" the air when the bell was rang. Just waiting to be fed!
Great entertainment!
I hope you get years of enjoyment out of your beautiful new place!

:) Gale

Mary Lou said...

AMAZING Colin~~saw this on wife's blog :)
Your work is awesome

Rae said...

Colin, I know you both already know it, but you two are so lucky to have each other. Wonderful job!